Successful Work Team


Always 5 stars!

Here are some of the appreciations we have received ...

Rose Pagnin

Committee Member

Superlative service

I’m a member of the committee of the owners corporation of a large mixed-use building, which is managed by Strata Angels. I am extremely pleased with the services provided by the Team Strata Angels. They are immensely proactive and always approachable. Their vast knowledge, professional advice and go-getter attitude have helped our owners corporation in resolving several complex issues. I would highly recommend them to any owners corporation who is looking for a long-term strategic management partner that they can rely upon, be it residential, commercial or mixed-use.

Building Manager


I am the Building Manager of a large mixed-use building that is managed by Strata Angels as Owners Corporation Manager (OCM). Since moving to Strata Angels from our previous OCM, we have been able to jointly resolve a number of difficult, multi-faceted issues. Their staff are always approachable, helpful and pleasant to deal with. My job has become easier and more enjoyable since Strata Angels was engaged as OCM. I can happily recommend Strata Angels to any Owners Corporation that is seeking an experienced and reliable management partner for their building, whether it be residential, commercial or mixed-use.

Vik D.


Technically qualified

I have been dealing with the Team Strata Angels for matters pertaining to Building Defects and I am as happy as a lark. Being technically qualified, it is immensely easy to deal with them as they understand the difference between  defects and maintenance issues. I would definitely recommend them as the Strata Manager for new and old buildings.



Always approachable

Dealing with Strata Managers becomes a smooth sail if there's effective communication, and that's exactly my experience with the Team Strata Angels. Emails are responded within the same business day and there's always someone to answer phone calls. Professional and courteous staff. Couldn't have asked for more! Highly recommended.