Strata Angels I Developer Consultancy


We provide following innovative value-added services to Developers, be your project is being sketched out or is in advanced stages of construction – although we prefer to get involved sooner rather than later. 


Our vast experience and meticulous approach in preparing and reviewing project documents from owners corporation perspective ensure your peace of mind when it comes to the delivery of a strata building in Victoria.



We provide prudent advice and full assistance in establishing owners corporations the right way. Our tasks include the following:

  • Prepare preliminary budget and levy schedule

  • Review and advice on owners corporation rules and/or special rules

  • Review and advice on the plan of subdivision

  • Advice on the overall management of the development from owners corporation's persepective

  • Obtain competitive quotations for insurance and all other common services

  • Convene inaugural general meeting with the developer 

  • Adopt any leases/licences of the common area at the inaugural general meeting

  • Prepare Owners Corporation certificates and providing these to your appointed Conveyancer


Once the Plan of Subdivision is registered and Occupancy Permit is received, we then set-up the owners corporation's records and register in our strata software and attend to the following taskss:

  • Establish relevant bank accounts in the name of owners corporation

  • Arrange the ABN and GST where applicable

  • Upload owners corporation's budgets and levy schedules in strata software

  • Upload owners' register in strata software

  • Set up account books and other records 

  • Arrange common seal and plaque

  • Execute contracts with utility providers and contractors as necessary 

  • Prepare and send welcome packs to all the owners

  • Convene general meeting of the owners and appoint owners corporation committee


In addition to the above, we also offer specialised assistance in managing common area building defects becoming a conduit between the Developer, Builder and the Owners.