About Strata Angels


Strata Angels is a fully registered owners corporation management company based in Melbourne, Victoria and is led by professionals with decades of experience in managing flagship portfolio of properties – residential, commercial and mixed-use – ranging from high rise towers to low rise buildings and estates.


At Strata Angels, we have established systems and processes, which are supported by state-of-the-art strata software and owners’ portal.



Choose us if ANY of the following is important for you ..,


  • Superlative customer service

  • Proactive work style

  • Prompt actions and empathetic approach

  • Owners’ portal for convenient online access to your strata records

  • Meticulous record keeping

  • Accuracy in account books

  • Proficient contracts and contractors’ management

  • Precise management of keys, remotes and FOBs

  • Fast processing of contractors’ invoices

  • Multiple quotations for major works along with comparative statement and recommendations

  • Regular update on insurance claims, instead of you chasing up

  • Professional reporting

  • Discerning eye for details

  • Support of an excellent Strata software

  • General advice from seasoned strata professionals

  • Reply to emails within one business day

  • Someone to pick up the phone, 24 x 7!


In succinct, choose us if you want a Strata Manager that gives you PEACE OF MIND and does not take a piece out of your mind!