Strata Angels I Owners Corporation Management Meetings


As your friendly owners corporation manager in Victoria, we assume responsibilities for the professional management of owners corporation. Our major duties include:






We convene, attend and, if required, chair various meetings of the owners corporation – annual general meetings, special general meetings, committee meetings, etc. This includes preparing notices and minutes along with all supporting documents.


Repairs and Maintenance


We arrange quotations and appoint tradespersons as per the instructions of the owners corporation.


Owners Corporation Certificates


We prepare owners corporation Certificates for and on behalf of the owners corporation.


Keys, remotes and FOBs


We manage purchase and delivery of keys, remotes and FOBs for and on behalf of the owners corporation.


Long-term maintenance plans


We arrange preparation of long-term maintenance plans, and implement it as per the instructions of the owners corporation.


Audits – OH&S, engineering, structural, asbestos, etc.


We arrange various types of audits and assessments as per the instructions of the owners corporation.




We promptly attend to all the correspondence pertaining to the owners corporation.




We maintain all Owners Corporation records, register and documentation in accordance with the relevant state legislation and regulations:

  • Accounting records

  • Plan of subdivision, owners corporation rules

  • All other records, which are required to be kept by the owners corporation

  • Correspondence




Owners corporation fees


We prepare and issue fee notices to the owners for types of funds such as administrative and maintenance, and ensure they are paid directly into the owners corporation bank account. Various payment options are offered to the owners for their convenience and details are provided on the fees notices.


Financial records and statements


We undertake all accounting functions such as receivables, payables, arrears management, etc., and maintain all financial accounts complying with the state’s legislation, which includes ledgers, journals, income and expenditure statements, balance sheets are attached with the Annual General Meeting agenda for each owner’s review.




We prepare Administrative and Maintenance Fund budgets as instructed by the Owners Corporation.


Debt control


We proactively manage arrears through a clearly defined process to keep debts under control, seeking Owners Corporation’s/Committee’s instructions as necessary to make recoveries.


Payment of Creditors’ invoices


We pay creditors’ invoices for and on behalf of the Owners Corporations.


Audit of financial statements


We arrange audit of financial statements on behalf of the Owners Corporation.

Working with Building Management staff

We work closely with the building management staff.




We provide following insurance services: 


  • Arrange for new insurance cover and also renewals through a specialist broker

  • Obtain competitive quotations through the specialist broker

  • Submit the comparative statements along with the broker’s recommendations to the owners corporation committee to seek their decision

  • Once approved by the committee, we arrange insurance cover to be placed upon the selected insurer

  • Lodge and follow-up insurance claims through the broker

  • Provide regular update to the affected parties about their respective claims

  • Arrange for building valuations as and when required




We appoint contractors and other service providers on behalf of the Owners Corporation and manage contracts proactively. We keep track of all the contracts and take preemptive actions to avoid contracts getting auto renewed without negotiations.

We have established relationships with a wide range of professional service providers like Tradesmen, Valuers, Engineers, Solicitors specialising in strata law, Auditors, etc., which is handy for the benefit of the Owners Corporation.



Against the backdrop of our thorough knowledge of the legislation, regulations and rules, we provide general advice to the owners corporations to assist them in achieving harmony in strata communities.