Strata Staffing Solutions


Strata is a rapidly growing industry in Australia, which has led to scarcity of good quality resources. The situation is all the more more challenging considering there are hundreds of strata companies competing with each other, to secure the business and to retain talents. 


Whether you are looking to meet your imminent requirements or require a permanent support for your strata business, we offer various economical strata staffing solutions such as:

  • Temporary staff (part-time/casual)

    • to be based at your premises

    • to work from a remote location

  • Outsourcing

    • to resources based in Australia

    • to resources based overseas (Offshoring)

Following are some of the major roles that we can assist you with:

  • Owners Corporation Manager

  • Admin Assistant

  • Accounts receivable

  • Accounts payable

  • Receptionist

  • Trainers

Some of the tasks that you can consider outsourcing are:

  • Data entry

  • Accounts payable: coding and payment of invoices

  • Accounts receivable: issuing of levy invoices

  • Book-keeping

  • Updating of owners' records and registers

  • Updating property agents and tenants' details

  • Insurance: updating insurance details, lodging claims and follow-ups

  • Preparation and despatch of Owners Corporation Certificates

  • Preparation and despatch of circular, welcome letters, general correspondence, etc.

  • Preparation and dispatch of AGM notices

  • Other admin tasks